Caddyshack Movie Sign

by Splott Graphics


CaddyShack No Fighting, No Spitting, No Gambling, No Bare Feet Sign.

  • 12"x12" $39.99 or 16"x16" $45.99 
  • 3mm DiBond Sign - .015 gauge aluminum on both sides with a plastic composite core
  • 3M Printed Graphic
  • Lightweight and Strong
  • Perfect for your Game Room or Man Cave or Outside
  • Shipping $10

Fun Fact: Bill Murray improvised the "Cinderella story" sequence from two lines of stage direction. Director Harold Ramis simply asked Murray to imagine himself announcing his own fantasy sports moment. Murray simply asked for four rows of 'mums and did the scene. This is a must have for any golfer or fan of classic 80's comedies.