File Submission Guidelines

The following details will ensure your order is prepared on-time and at the highest quality possible. Files should follow the specifications listed below. 
    Please submit your final file as a PDF.

    VECTOR ART is preferred for signage. Acceptable vector art formats are: EPS, PDF and AI. Please do not save a jpg, png, gif, or other file type AS an EPS, PDF or AI–this does not work the same way as intact vector art.

  • SIZE
    Your artboard dimensions should match the final trim size of the product. For example: your final size is 5”w x 7”h—your document size should be 5”w x 7”h 

    If the art bleeds anywhere on your design, the bleed should be included in your final file submission. Crops or a frame around the live area are helpful and appreciated.  

    All colors in the final art file should be RGB. All spot colors will be converted to RGB color space for final printing. We color match as close as possible to CMYK and Spot Colors. If specific colors need attention, please include this information at the time you place the order. **Printed colors will always vary from colors viewed on a computer screen or mobile device.

  • TEXT
    For the best results, please provide a file with your text converted to outlines (also called “curves” or “paths"). We have a wide array of fonts in our archive. However, it’s impossible to have them all! Unless we have your exact font on file, we cannot accurately read and print your artwork.  
  • PHOTOS  
    • Please submit your final photos as JPG files.
    • Photos should be at least 8”x10” at 300 dpi (or higher). 
    • Some elements can be corrected with Photoshop. However, we cannot improve the quality of a photo that is poorly lit, too small or out of focus. 
    • Please do not crop your images tightly before sending. Just like a bleed, it’s important for some area to remain around your subject in the event we need to adjust digitally or cut down the final piece. 

  • Files must be received within the following timeframes to ensure accurate, on-time completion of your job. Times are subject to change based on the job. Rush fees will be added if your time frame falls outside of those listed below.

    • Big Heads, Individual Signs, Banners (under 6’x8’): 24 hours. Same Day Service is available on some items. 
    • Small orders / multiple designs (less than 20 items): 2–4 business days 
    • Medium orders / multiple designs (30 or more items): 3–5 business days 
    • Large Orders / multiple designs, sizes and substrates: 5–10 business days prior to deadline.  
    • Monument, Ground Signs, Electric or other specialty signage: 9–13 business days prior to deadline. 
    • Promotional Products, T-shirts and miscellaneous specialty items: 2–3 weeks prior to deadline. 

    • Orders may only be cancelled within the first 24 hours of order placement. Any orders canceled outside of the 24-hour timeframe are subject to a 15% restocking & cancellation fee. 



We do not accept Canva-made artwork for any FINAL design, printing or other graphic applications. The same holds true for any other WYSIWYG editors.

Why don't you accept this type of artwork?
While Canva is a nice tool for visualization or reference, the files produced are not always fit for hi-resolution, professional printing. If you have created something in Canva, we can use that creation as a guide, however, the art will need to be recreated to ensure proper design stability and successful print production.
Splott Graphics has a full-service design department that can help with any high-quality artwork design or reproduction.

What are my options?
  1. Request a design quote.
  2. If you choose to use this type of artwork without a recreation:
  • You will need to submit a hi-resolution jpg.
  • We cannot edit, revise or change this artwork in any way.
  • Artwork quality, colors, textures, imagery, and sizes viewed on screen may differ when printed.
  • Those who "design" their own artwork accept all productions with this artwork as final sale. No refunds will be provided

Please contact us if you have any questions! We're happy to help.